Dicke Titten Fetisch Kontakte gesucht

Hi, my name is Tanny and I am looking for men who have a real big boobs fetish. I have a lot to offer here as you can see on my photo. I am 34 years old, a veterinary assistant and live in Salzgitter. My bust size started to get so big early and actually I was hoping that it would stop growing earlier. But Mother Nature seems to have been kind to me. Sometimes they get on my nerves a lot, especially disturbing at work. Only I think it’s awesome and I know that many people like it.

I like to play around with my boobs for hours, maybe you want to do that too. I’m also really good at titty-fucking a man . I also think it’s totally awesome when you pee on my white shirt and my big natural breasts come into their own. I’m already looking forward to having a real tit fan at home again. Unfortunately, for most men my bust size seems to be too much. I hope to find the guy or guys who are into something like me. That sounds very strange now, but you probably know what I mean.

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I have hot tit fucks to give

Suche also männliche Sex Kontakte die mit mir ein Sex Dating machen möchten. Einen ONS oder was auch immer. Einfach geil ficken, vielleicht auch eine Beziehung aber dafür muss die Chemie schon sehr stimmen. Bin übrigens solo. Also dann schreibt mich an wenn ihr auf richtig schöne grosse Hupen steht. Die hau ich euch oder dir dann gerne mal um die Ohren, hi, hi.

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^500 einen Mann
^500 der auf grosse echte Brüste
^1000 magst du
^5000 dicke Titten?

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